Three Phase Battery Chargers

Three-phase Rectifiers, which can be used as a direct current source and battery charger (Rectifier), microprocessor controlled, output voltage, output current, fast charge voltage and fast charge time can be adjusted to the desired value from the digital panel, fully stabilized automatic with load and lighted dry contact warning output It is a Three-Phase Input Rectifier device.

Switch-Mode Battery Chargers

Switch Mode Charge Rectifiers are designed with the most up-to-date technology for charging batteries and DC energy requirements of devices fed with direct current. General usage areas; telecommunication, power distribution stations, marine and land transport vehicles, industrial and military facilities and all kinds of battery charging applications.

Single Phase Battery Chargers

Mono-phase Rectifiers are devices that combine rectifier, alarm unit, battery pack and distribution panel in a modular cabinet. Since all units are available on the device, the user does not need to create a separate battery set, distribution panel and alarm unit. For this reason, it is aimed to save the area to be used in terms of cabling labor and cost.

How to Charge the Battery?

Batteries that are waiting as wet charged or discharged from the customer are charged at the current and times given in the charts below, according to their charge levels.

Beware of Battery Explosions!

Never stand next to the battery while it is charging and do not look at the inductor without cutting off the power.

Safety Measures

Batteries emit explosive gases during charging. The areas where charging takes place should be well ventilated.

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Redsan Electronic was established with completely domestic capital to produce, sell and market high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage protection control relays, medical devices and battery chargers.

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Devices that charge batteries and provide DC power are called rectifiers. It is a unit that converts Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). Thanks to the batteries inside, the rectifier stores energy and ensures the continuity of the energy as much as the device capacity even if the main voltage is cut off.

Rectifier should be preferred according to the voltage of the unit to be fed. Models operating according to the Constant Voltage and Constant Current principle should be preferred. Output voltage, output current, fast charging voltage, fast charging time should be adjusted with an advanced rectifier device.

Rectifiers are used in small transformer centers, kiosks, supply of security systems, emergency lighting, etc., where it is not economical and practical to use battery packs. It is used in units that need DC auxiliary voltage in systems.

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